Our track record says it all.

We control Rx costs better than our competitors.

At Elixir, our main focus is controlling prescription drug costs for our clients. And, we do it better than other PBMs.

How? Elixir is a trend-setter in developing programs to improve generic utilization and manage costs. We also know that no two clients are the same and shouldn't be treated that way. At Elixir, we have the flexibility to customize programs to meet the unique needs of each of our clients. Customizing solutions leads to reduced costs and improved prescription care.  As a result, our drug trend was 2% compared to our large competitors at 2.4% - 5.4%.

"When selecting Elixir as our PBM, we knew we were going to save money. What we didn't know was how much extra we were going to save! The results greatly benefitted our Members by minimizing premium increases."

                   - HR Director, Government Agency and Elixir Client