Flexible, convenient networks.

Over 65,000 pharmacy options for your Members.

Elixir has the flexibility to work with the pharmacies that make the most sense for you and your members. Elixir negotiates contract rates often to ensure we are offering the best prices to our clients and their members. And, we track pharmacy performance on a number of factors including price, convenience and service.  

Retail Network - Pharmacies Where You Need Them

Our extensive retail network which includes over 65,000 retail pharmacies. in the unlikely event that a pharmacy is not in our network, we have the flexibility and processes in place to add new pharmacies at any time to meet our clients’ needs.

Performance 90 (P90) Pharmacy Network Saves

Recognizing the value and ease of being able to fill maintenance medications and other 90-day prescriptions at retail, Elixir developed our P90 network. With over 54,000 locations, this robust pharmacy network allows 90-day fills at retail locations offering convenience, savings, and performance. Since we do not mandate or promote the use of mail order over Performance 90, the average approved price in our P90 Network is nearly 55% less than at mail order.

Mail Order Convenience

Mail pharmacy services are provided through contracted mail order pharmacies each offering extremely competitive pricing. These partners are highly automated pharmacies that specialize in home delivery via mail services. With simple ordering processes, quick turnaround times and excellent customer service our mail order pharmacies deliver!

Best In Class Specialty - Lower Costs and Improved Outcomes

One size does not fit all when it comes to specialty pharmacies, which is why we created our Best-In-Class Specialty Pharmacy Network developed exclusively by Elixir. Our network consists of the 'best of the best' to deliver better health outcomes and lower costs for your members based on therapuetic class.