Generics Plus

Saves Money

Improving generic utilization is an easy way to drive down plan costs. Over the past several years, many blockbuster brand drugs lost patent protection and generics have become available at much lower costs to employers and their members. Generics have the same make-up as their brand counterparts and have been proven equally effective at a much lower cost.

Over the next few years, there are fewer drugs coming off patent. However, maximizing generic utilization is still critically important. The customized programs and services developed by Elixir help our clients reach their full potential in relation to generic utilization, delivering the lowest cost trends in the industry. We partner with our clients to seize all opportunities to get members to switch to lower cost alternatives early and often.

"I thought our generic utilization was pretty high, but Elixir recommended Generics Plus and we were able to improve it providing substantial savings."                             HR Manager, Elixir Client