A Winning Partner for You & Your Clients

Excellent Service. Excellent Savings.

Similar to 'location' in real estate, there are three reasons why brokers, TPAs and consultants choose Elixir as their PBM provider:  Service, Service, Service.

1) Service to You:  Whether you are a Broker, TPA, or Consultant, we understand the importance of the relationship you have with your client.  As a service provider for you, we have the flexiblity to deliver what you need to keep your clients happy and returning year after year.

2) Service to Your Clients:  With over 15 years experience working with brokers, TPAs and consultants, we deliver customized solutions that will not only deliver financial performance for you and your clients, but drive better health care outcomes.

3) Service to Your Client's Members:  We are not the biggest PBM on the block, but we have a proven reputation for being able to differentiate ourselves from the competition through the service we offer. We appreciate the domino effect...if the member is satisfied, so is the client and so are you. It's not just talk, we can prove it with a member satisfaction rate of 95+%!

Of course, at the end of the day, it's all about savings. Elixir delivers by having the flexibility to provide customized plan designs which lead to better pharmacy benefits management.  Our goal is to develop long-term partnerships with Brokers, TPAs and Consultants. We do what it takes to keep you and your clients' satisfied and coming back!


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From a TPA....

"We are excited with our recent decision to move to Elixir. Their PBM solution offers our members more convenience and a wider range of programs at a lower cost. The customized interface they developed for us has dramatically increased our efficiency."

                   -Tim D., TPA