MedTrakRx is Your Navigator Through Troubled Healthcare Waters
Posted: May 09 2017

Health care and drug prices are a popular topic at this time. Who can blame everyone for talking about it? More and more disease states are being identified, along with more prescription drug therapies being developed. What drugs are being approved? Why are the drug prices so high and what are those things called Biosimilars? What does it all mean and what is going to happen? It can be overwhelming and very confusing.

To be candid – nobody knows for sure what is going to happen with the ACA and the overall state of healthcare. That is why it is so important to have a PBM partner like MedTrakRx by your side. MedTrakRx has a long history of progressive thinking, proprietary programs and industry knowledge to guide you through these uncertain times. For 2018, we are actively developing new therapy programs, managing trend and being proactive in our employee sponsored plan development. Let’s connect soon and talk about 2018.

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