Online Rx Analysis Maximizes Member Savings!
Posted: Nov 17 2015

MedTrak offers an 'Rx Savings Analysis' feature in our Member portal as yet another way to help make prescriptions more affordable for your Members and improve your bottom line.

Once a Member registers and logs in to their MedTrak account, they'll be provided with an annual savings summary located on their dashboard. This summary will provide current medications the Member is taking, the preferred alternative and estimated annual savings (when available).

Savings Analysis

MedTrak encourages our Members to share the information provided with their doctor. And, we make it easy! When they click the link provided, they can easily print the information to take with them when they visit their physician. 

To learn more about the Rx Savings Analysis feature and to explore other tools and resources provided on our website, contact your Account Manager for a sample log-in! 

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