Other Companies Tout Great Customer Service, MedTrak Has The Numbers To Prove It!
Posted: Aug 14 2015

This year's member satisfaction results are in! Members are 97% satisfied! In an industry where customer satisfaction is low (70% according to the American Customer Satisfaction Index1), we are happy to be above the rest.

We measure our member satisfaction on an annual basis for two reasons:

  1. MedTrak was founded on the belief that we would provide excellent customer service to our clients and their members. This survey gives us the proof we need to make sure we are delivering on the promise!
  2. It provides us objective feedback that we use to continually improve the service we provide to your clients and their member

There are three components to providing this level of service:

  1. We hire great people motivated to helping our Clients and Members
  2. We provide standards to drive employee judgment
  3. We empower our employees to make the best decisions possible

Some comments from a few of our members:

"Your staff contacted the pharmacy directly with the prescription coverage information that the pharmacy needed. This was extremely helpful for me as I didn't have to step away from work to contact the pharmacy myself. Made the process flow very smoothly."

"I have always received great service when I've had to call MedTrak. If they had to get back with me, the response time was great each time!"

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