Clinical Pharmacists at Your Service
Posted: Jul 10 2015

Many companies tout the clinical services and programs they offer, but at MedTrak, it’s the pharmacists in our Clinical Care Center that make the difference. They are the reason we not only offer innovative programs, but also provide better clinical service.

Through our Clinical Care Center, we offer a ‘Clinical Concierge’ program in which our pharmacists are available to consult directly with our Clients regarding their prescription drug plans. Whether it’s via phone or in-person, they act as your personal concierge; providing expert advice and developing customized clinical services to fit each of our Clients’ needs. Members are also able to contact a pharmacist online through our website. And, this is all provided at NO CHARGE! Other programs offered at no additional charge under our Clinical Concierge program include:

Clinical Concierge
  • Step Therapy Programs
  • Drug Utilization Reviews
  • Pharmacists on Demand
  • MPR Adherence Reporting
  • Monitor Diabetic Program
  • Non-Essential Drug List
  • Preferred Product Program
  • Enhanced Management

And, our Clinical Care Center is continually developing new programs to help curb rising drug costs, keep up with industry changes and trends and provide new solutions to help our Plan Sponsors manage their drug utilization and spend.

Contact your Account Manager to learn more about our Clinical Concierge program and how it can benefit your plan!

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