Diabetes is 14% of Overall Rx Spend, Let Us Help You Manage It!
Posted: Sep 27 2016
Pill Bottle

On average, drugs used to treat diabetes represent 14% of total drug spend and 20% of total non-specialty spend. As the top driver of traditional drug spend for the MedTrak book of business, MedTrakRx is launching our first disease-focused program to manage diabetes. This program will reduce overall spend within the category and will improve overall health for patients with this disease and is available to our clients and their members beginning 1/1/2017.

Approximately one out of every eleven people has diabetes. Medical costs for people with diabetes are twice as high as for those without, and risk of death is 50% higher. The average diabetic takes 7.5 medications daily. And, because we know that the more medications a person takes, the less likely they are to be adherent, which costs your plan money, diabetics are a good target for disease specific program. Our program will incorporate preferred products, quantity limits and step therapies resulting in reduced medication costs and additional rebate opportunities.

To find out how your plan can help manage this costly disease, contact your account manager.

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