PCSK9s vs Statins: Which is Better?
Posted: Feb 17 2016

PCSK9s are a new class of drugs approved by the FDA for treatment of high cholesterol. High cholesterol, affects over 30% of the total US population. The PCSK9s that have been approved - Praluent® and Repatha® - have been approved for use in patients that have failed to reach their cholesterol management goals with high dose statins, the most commonly prescribed class of drugs to treat high cholesterol.

PCSK9s differ from statins in mode of delivery and cost. Statins are taken orally, and Praluent® and Repatha® are administered via injection. Additionally, statins cost plan sponsors pennies a day, while the PCSK9s cost plan sponsors approximately $40 a day.

Both medications are new to market. In an effort to provide the best solution to our clients, MedTrak is offering both Praluent® and Repatha® as co-preferred agents. They will be placed on a specialty tier, with comprehensive prior authorization criteria applied to ensure the right patients get the right medications at the right time.

If you have any questions or would like more information on PCSK9s, please don't hesitate to call our Clinical Care Center at 800.771.4648.

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