What is Step Therapy?
Posted: Mar 28 2016

Step Therapy is an approach used by MedTrak to control costs associated with prescription medications.  Step Therapy is a common practice that requires patients to try the most cost-effective drug therapy before ‘stepping up’ to more costly therapies.  It is a way to ensure that a patient tries and fails a less expensive option before the plan has to pay for a more expensive therapy. Step therapies are one of many tools a plan may utilize to mitigate the impact of rising prescription costs.

MedTrak currently has 21 Step Therapy categories available for our plan sponsors to utilize and will be adding three more in July.   Step Therapies are applied to certain drugs determined by the plan design and MedTrak. We are continually updating our criteria with the most current drugs and drug classes in an effort to ensure our plan sponsors and their members optimize their plan value.

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